■Square Stopper and Carpenter's Square Wide

●Wide carpenter’s square and stopper enables a long scribed line to be drawn without slipping

●Can clamp on object to measure sheet thickness and diameter

●Measuring a scribed line is possible using the carpenter’s square graduations

●Easily draw a 45°scribed line by changing the position of the stopper

●Wide carpenter’s square stopper securely fits

●All eight sides have graduations

●Long branch has a hole for a strap (12433)

●Hard chrome finish on entire surface (matte processed) against the material, so a stable scribed line can be drawn even on a chamfered surface.

■Carpenter's Square Wide

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30 cm with 8 Scales with stopper

  • Tillverkare: Shinwa
  • Artikelnummer: 12434
  • Tillgänglighet: I lager
  • 389.49kr (SEK)

  • Exkl moms: 311.59kr (SEK)

Taggar: 30 cm with 8 Scales with stopper, 12434, Vinkelhakar