• Cirkelspetspassare, stor modell

Cirkelspets passare, stor modell - för dom större jobben, upp till mellan 600-2000mm


Med en sektion så kan du göra cirklar eller cirkelbågar upp till 600mm, med förlängare upp till hela 2000mm !

Hårda karbidstålspetsar som också kan användas på metall. Pennhållaren är kanske den mest använda för att märka på trä.

Microjusteringen gör att du kan finjustera märkhuvudet.

Levereras i träask.


Using a single beam section, arcs with radii ranging from 3/4" to 12" can be drawn. With all three beams joined together, this range extends to 40" (1 metre+). The set is equipped with two carbide points for scribing metal as well as wood. One end cap is cross-drilled to accept a standard pencil (included). A micro-adjust mechanism quickly gives accurate settings.

Setting the Beam Compass

Lay the compass on any flat surface and adjust the scribe points to the approximate desired distance apart. Tighten the thumbscrews on both the non-adjustable body and the micro-adjust mechanism, but leave the thumbscrew loose on the adjustable body. Adjust the desired radius to the exact length by turning the wheel on the micro-adjust mechanism, then tighten the thumbscrew on the adjustable body.

The Pencil Mount

Loosen the cross-drilled end cap and slip a pencil through the hole. Tighten the end cap until the pencil is firmly clamped. Rotate the micro-adjust mechanism and adjoining adjustable body so both are in the same plane as the pencil. Rotate the non-adjustable body out of the way, 90° with respect to the pencil, or remove completely from the beam. Set the radius as above.

The Pivot Disc

There may be times when you will not want a center point to permanently mark the surface. For this, we have provided a brass pivot disc that can be placed at the center of the arc to be drawn so that the scribe point will not pierce the work surface. The disc can be held temporarily in position with double-sided tape or hot-melt glue.

Indelible Pencils

Indelible pencils leave a distinct, long-lasting mark on a moist surface (it is often helpful to wet the surface first with a spray-mist bottle). They mark with very little pressure, allowing you to concentrate on accuracy.

The drawing lead in these pencils is made of materials that can easily break. Sharpening to a sharp point is not recommended. For best results, sharpen using the larger (11mm) hole of a two-hole hand-held pencil sharpener until the pencil tip is no smaller than half the lead diameter. The secret is to shave off just enough of the outer casing to expose the lead, while keeping the end blunt.


Cirkelspetspassare, stor modell

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