• DOVETAIL Progressive Reverse (DPR) 9
The first ever plain ended blades developed specifically for the joiner to cut in hardwood, with hand frames. The teeth all face towards the center of the blade, so you get a clean ‘entry side’ cut on both faces. The spacing between the teeth has been carefully optimised to clear the waste efficiently yet still keep the teeth cutting smoothly. The blades are thin enough to drop down the kerf left by a Japanese dozuki; and at the ends of the blade the teeth feather out to nothing, making the blades easy to start – even in brittle exotic woods.

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DOVETAIL Progressive Reverse (DPR) 9

  • Tillverkare: Pégas
  • Artikelnummer: 90.651
  • Tillgänglighet: I lager
  • 44.13kr (SEK)

  • Exkl moms: 35.30kr (SEK)

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Lie Nielsen sinksåg 15 ppi, 15tum
Model: 1-SAW-DS

Lie Nielsen sinksåg 15 ppi, 15tum

Lie Nielsen ryggsåg 15 ppi, 15tum denna sinksåg är tillverkad med Svenskt stål i sågen! Handtaget..

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