About Us

Welcome to Rubank Verktygs AB

We are a company that sells hand tools and machine tools for everything from fine carpentry, boat and house renovation and to hobbyists. Planers are what we started with in our program, but now there are also large quantities of other products.

We have large parts of the range from, among others, Lie Nielsen (USA), Veritas (Canada), Incra (USA) and Trend (UK) as well as many other quality manufacturers of tools and accessories. What is not at home in the range, we take home to order.

For those of you who have an older planer, we work with Hock Tools, which manufactures high-class planer steels that fit in both old Stanley and Record planers, but which also work excellently in old classic Swedish hand planers from Memo, Jenbolaget, Anchor and others.

Hand saws, especially jigsaws and zinc saws, from both Veritas, Lie Nielsen, Thomas Flinn and Bad Ax Tools Works are also products we stock.

We maintain a large stock of our products for fast deliveries from Farsta south of Stockholm.

Our goal is to provide the best quality of the tools we sell and maintain a high level of service on our deliveries - we hope you will appreciate what you find in our shop.

Anything you are wondering about? Call or email us!

We are the official resellers of Lie-Nilesen, Veritas, Hock tools, Incra, M-Power in Sweden.

The feeling of working with good tools is what is a driving force for us, we like it! To borrow a little:
"The love of wood consists of sharp tools." said master carpenter Tomas Tempte in his book "The honor of work"

Group, School, Student discounts.

If you are many who are going to shop and get together for larger purchases, we can leave a discount or if you study at higher education institutions (universities, colleges, folk high schools) in wood crafts, we have a Student Discount - get in touch!