The Advanced Water Trough AWT-250 has an enlarged standard lip which ensures that your workbench stays free from water. It also includes an embedded magnet to collect steel particles and a removable water chute for long tools.

Magnet Cleans the Stone

The water trough incorporates a strong magnet, which attracts the steel particles ground from the tools being sharpened. This keeps your stone clean and cutting more freely.

These small steel particles are otherwise pressed into the stone surface and can disturb the sharpening. When cleaning the water trough, you’ll find that most of the steel will be located right on the magnet. It can be wiped off the water trough with a paper towel or rag.

Water Chute for Long Tools

For long tools that drip water over the edge of the lip (like chef’s knives and planer blades), just add the water chute. It attaches easily and directs the water back into the trough.

Tilt Shoes Control the Water Flow

Two Tilt Shoes are supplied with the AWT-250. You can use them to raise the honing wheel side of the machine so the water follows the tool towards the outside of the stone and runs back into the water trough.

You minimize the water dripping onto the housing. This is an advantage especially when sharpening wide tools. When not required they can be stored magnetically under the machine.

Fits Tormek T-7, Tormek 2000 and older models with 250 mm stone diameter.

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AWT-250 Advanced Water Trough

  • Brand: Tormek
  • Product Code: AWT-250
  • Availability: In Stock
  • 203.13kr (SEK)

  • Ex Tax: 162.50kr (SEK)

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