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  • Clifton No.5 Jack plane

Clifton No.5 Jack plane


Clifton Bench planes are an accurate, smoothly functioning tool for the cabinet maker and discerning woodworker, whether amateur or professional. The planes are ready to use straight from the box and do not need hours of flattening and fettling to make them fit for use - though many woodworkers will prefer to hone the cutting iron themselves.

MATERIALS; Body and frog - accurately machined grey cast iron; sides and sole fully ground. Knob and handle - Bubinga hardwood, carefully shaped, sanded and sealed. Cutting iron - hand forged high carbon steel; hardened and tempered to 60 - 62 Rockwell C then precision ground;0.120" thick (3mm).
Cap Iron - 2-piece designed for rigid clamping. Frog locating pins and screws - ground stainless steel, polished. Lever cap - grey iron casting polished. Screws and adjusting wheel - polished brass. Y lever - solid one piece casting. Adjusting lever and some other components - polished stainless-steel

DESIGN; the Frog and the Frog seating in the body are of the BEDROCK design which means that the seating pad in the body is full face, fully machined to mate with an equivalent full face, fully machined underside of the Frog. This ensures absolute stability of the Frog, so providing a firm and solid surface for the cutting iron, which again rests on a fully machined upper side of the Frog. When allied to the extra thick Clifton cutting iron and Clifton two piece cap iron, this design probably has the most rigid and effective clamping mechanism of any Bench Plane.

The accuracy of this mechanism allows for the cutting iron to be advanced to give a virtually "zero" mouth opening, so allowing the finest of shavings to be taken in even the most difficult of timbers. The BEDROCK design - uniquely - allows the mouth width to be adjusted without dismantling the Frog and iron assembly. To adjust the mouth width, the Frog should be moved backwards or forwards as required; to do this, loosen the outside two of the three screws located at the back of the Frog seating pad (underneath the adjusting wheel), then turn the central screw clockwise to close the mouth and anti-clockwise to open the mouth.

Although the sole of the plane is ground flat to within the British Standard for bench planes of 0.075mm or   0.003" (three thousandths of an inch *), - and is individually checked before it leaves our factory - it is a well known fact that castings will "move" with changes of temperature over the years ... but we feel we take ample practical measures by careful design of the castings and by lengthy heat treatment processes to minimise this effect. Nevertheless climatic variation may affect the planes.

* For the technically minded, the proper description is 0.037mm or 0.0015" (one and a half thousandths of an inch either side of the mean).

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Clifton No.5 Jack plane

  • Brand: Clifton
  • Product Code: C5
  • Availability:
  • 3,973.75kr (SEK)

  • Ex Tax: 3,179.00kr (SEK)

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