Combination plane from Veritas

Originally created to replace stacks of wooden-bodied molding and joinery planes, combination planes are defi ned by their fl exibility. The Veritas® Combination Plane is no exception; only this one is designed with better adjustment and feed mechanisms for easy and accurate blade setting, and incorporates features to prevent blade vibration, making it reliable in use. It will tackle fundamental joinery, such as rabbets, tongues and grooves, as well as through-dadoes. It can also be used with beading, reeding and fl uting blades, individually or in sequence with others, including all the blades from our Small Plow Plane, to create a variety of decorative details. Being
symmetrical, the plane can be set for right- or left-hand  confi guration to suit your dominant hand or accommodate grain direction. A 1/4Й wide, A2 tool steel straight blade is included with the plane, and a selection of beading, reeding and fl uting blades will be available separately. Our combination plane will
also accept blades used with the Stanley #45 and most of those used with the Stanley #55.

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Combination plane, Veritas®

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