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The CRB7 Combination Router Base greatly increases "on surface" routing stability and therefore provides a more precise routing pass. Combine this with the MHLF accessory – Mortise, Hinge, Lock + Flute and the CRB enters an entirely new level of machining accuracy; never before achieved with a hand held power-tool. 

Until now a routers position has been entirely dependent on the operators technique and grip. This becomes especially critical when routing into the edge of a board from above. The narrow workpiece reduces the surface contact area between router base and workpiece to the point of dangerous instability. 

The MHLF is a pair of micro adjustable precision machined jaws; these sit either side of the work piece re-establishing a safer level of surface contact between router and work piece. Allowing accurate Mortises or Hinge and Lock Rebates or flutes to be machined.

Please note: The CRB7 MHLF includes a CRB7 Side Fence

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  • Brand: M-Power tools
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