Delivery Information


All prices at Rubank Verktygs AB are stated in Swedish Kroner incl. VAT. If you choose Euro, NOK, DDK, the currency is converted against SEK.
In case of price changes in the shop, the price applicable to the customer's order applies.


To trade with Rubank Tools AB requires that you are 18 years old, otherwise you must have the guardian's approval to shop. Order made in the name of another person without his consent or in any other way that causes us to suffer financial or other damage to a police officer. We try to convey as fair and informative images of our products as possible, but we are subject to printing errors, errors in information, and errors in specification, to all our products and services. All image information on our pages should be seen as illustrations, nor can we guarantee that the image reflects the exact appearance of the product.

Order Confirmation

An automatic order confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address provided on the order. The order number of this confirmation should always be stated when contacting us regarding your order.

Delivery time

Rubank Verktygs AB sends orders continuously and under normal circumstances, your order will be shipped within 1-2 days. Should one be temporarily out of stock, you will be notified of this and may then choose to wait for the item or make a cancellation. Rubank Verktygs AB is not responsible for delays caused by the Post Office or freight companies.

Undelivered package

We reserve the right to charge a minimum of SEK 300 for undelivered packages / goods to cover shipping and handling costs. Payment must be made within 14 days of invoice date.


You'll see the shipping cost in your shopping cart before confirming your order. The order is shipped with DHL Service Point in Sweden. DHL Parcell Connect is used to send to other countries, unless otherwise agreed. The shipping price is incl. embalage.
If you choose "Pickup from supplier" instead of delivery with DHL, it means getting to Farsta and picking up your goods.

There are some, for us, important reasons we want to send as we do. Whether it's DHL or PostNord we use:
• A very important reason is that we have an opportunity to see what happens to our shipment. It is also insured.

(This adress question to send products through normal post service.)
• Another is actually DHL and PostNord coming to us and picking up, we do not have to go to a mailbox / place somewhere and leave the packages. (and no, unfortunately, PostNord does not receive letters when they pick up the packages, it is not the same thread.) (cost for us; (time, gasoline, stamps at home etc) (cost before income)) = hard to say. some letters so we have no cost reductions for postage. 

Benefit for customer:
• The customer has the opportunity to see where his package is, via website or app.

Customer Disadvantage:
• You must pick up your package from a representative.

(This adress question to send products through normal post service.)
An example: The weight of your product, over 250 grams, is guaranteed, maybe 500 grams of packaging and shipping, but at least 4 stamps will make it work out, 36kr. (over 500grams = 6 stamps (54kr)). We also have costs for packaging, etc. (maybe 5kr?)
The cost for you with dhl: 49kr + tax = 61.25kr.
The cost of letters: about 40kr (at 500gram approx 60kr) + our extra time / cost.


If a product is broken please contact us within 14 days of delivery. We check all items before delivery. A detailed description shall be sent to Rubank Verktygs AB. Do not forget to leave your name, phone number and order number. Shipping damages are reported at the post office where the goods were collected.

Copyright & Cookies

All images and illustrations on Rubank Verktygs AB are protected by copyright and we ask you to respect this. This site uses cookies but does not save any personal information. According to the Electronic Communications Act, anyone who visits a website should be informed about what cookies are used for. A cookie is a small text file stored on your computer when you visit a website. The next time you visit the site, the browser can use it to view the pages according to your settings. If you do not want to allow cookies to be stored on your computer and turn off the feature, the page will not be displayed properly and you will not be able to shop with us.

Right of withdrawal / Open purchase / Right of exchange

Under the distance contract, you have the right to undo your purchase or change your item within 14 days after you have received your package. Please note that exchange / open purchase does not apply when you purchase our sales assortment. Always contact us before returning your product and state which one is applicable. The buyer is responsible for returning the item in case of undistorted purchase or replacement and the product must be unused and in the same condition as the goods did at the time of delivery. The customer pays the cost of the return freight and the freight statement made by Rubank Verktygs AB. This also applies to the product's labels, bags, etc.

Personal information:

Rubank Verktygs AB protects your customer information under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This information is only used in our customer register to facilitate the contact between us and the customer. We do not provide information to anyone. Information necessary to complete a purchase is sent to Svea Ekonomi and Unifaun Logistics. 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) is a regulation by which the European Union intend to strengthen and unify data protection for all individuals within the EU. Enforceable from the 25th of May 2018.

Payment methods

Credit card

We currently accept VISA, Mastercard via Svea.

Direct payment in bank (Sweden only for now)

You can direct payment to the following banks Swedbank, Handelsbanken, SEB and Nordea.

Invoice payment (Sweden only for now)

10 days net via SveaWebbpay, 25: - The billing fee will be added.

Pay for 3 months interest-free and amortization-free. or 6 and 12 months interest-free via SveaWebbpay.

Due to our cooperation with Svea Ekonomi AB, you can sign an account credit agreement and thereby be able to pay off your purchase. The credit period is selected by ticking the campaign option that suits you best. The purchase can always be paid in full at any time before maturity. Regular credit testing takes place after the personal information has been submitted to the checkout, in some cases this means that credit information is taken. A copy of the credit information will be sent to you. If you have any questions, you can call 08-514 931 13 for more information. Example of effective interest on purchase of 10,000 kr, maturity 12 months, 0% interest, setup fee 195 kr, aviagift 29 kr: 10,68% .Vid payment via invoice we cooperate with Svea Ekonomi AB. To trade an invoice, you must enter your social security number or organization number. The prerequisite for getting an invoice is, among other things, that you are registered in the public register in Sweden and are over 18 years old. You may not have any payment remarks. All invoices are transferred from Rubank Verktygs AB to Svea Ekonomi AB. The invoice's payment terms are 10 days. If payment is not completed by the due date of the invoice, late payment (trader) will be charged as well as costs for payment reminders and debt collection by law. Delay interest rate is 2% per month.

We are in Farsta south of Stockholm

Rubank Tools No. 1 AB

Box 142

123 23 FARSTA

Fryksdalsbacken 12-14

124 43 FARSTA

Org nr. 556819-0176