• Double Brass Faced Try squares 9"

Double Brass Faced Try squares & Mitre squares, Full Brass Faced mortise gauges, Brass Faced Sliding bevel and Marking knives. 

This selection of Rosewood tools represents the very best quality we produce. They are based on designs of the tools last made over 70 years ago, which carried our ‘TRIAL 1’ brand, or Corporate Mark.

The squares have 1/8th inch thick machined brass on both the inside and outside faces, thus ensuring accuracy on the inside and outside edges. They have a blued spring steel blade, secured to the stock with brass diamond washers and steel rivets. The accuracy of the try squares is well within that required by BS3322.

The Screwslide mortise and Marking gauge has a full 1/8th inch thick brass face. The stock is locked on to the stem by brass knurled thumbscrew and protective pressure pad. The locking screw is set within a traditional brass protective shield. A screw slide gives fine and precise adjustment of the mortise pins and on the back of the stem is a single marking gauge pin.

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Double Brass Faced Try squares 9"

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