Sterling Tool Works Double Square

This precision double square is supplied with one traditional graduated rule and a dovetailing rule providing a very versatile tool with many uses. The standard rule provides a wonderful compact square with excellent accuracy rivaling common machinist square accuracies of .001” per inch, per U.S. federal standard: GGG-S-656E. Available with either a 4″ or 6″ precision etched rule with chrome satin finish with blackened etches that is easy on your eyes for excellent contrast and improved accuracy.

The included Sterling “Dovetailing Blade” is an incredibly handy ruler for checking the squareness of your dovetails to ensure excellent fit and “gap less” joints after assembly. The reduced size of one end of the un-graduated rule allows precise checking of squareness in even some of the tightest “London style” dovetails. Regular size rules simply cannot reach into the spaces the Sterling Dovetailing Ruler can. The Dovetailing Rule is hardened, precision ground and finished with the same satin Chrome finish as the standard rule.

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Sterling Tool Works Double Square, 100mm

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