• SVD-110 Tool Rest

With the Tool Rest you get an extended support surface from the Universal Support. It is ideal for sharpening turning scrapers and special tools for woodcarving, e.g. large scorps and inshaves. You can also use it for cabinet scrapers and hollowing tools.

It has a generous surface, 90×110 mm, which permits a safe and steady positioning of the tool towards the stone. 

The bore is made with a special wedge shape, which increases the locking force by 250 %. You can lock the Tool Rest instantly at the chosen angle. This unique design is patented by Tormek.

Patents: SE 9302442-0, EP 2294497.
U.S. 5,816,735.


Svd 110 1 1276X956

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SVD-110 Tool Rest

  • Brand: Tormek
  • Product Code: SVD-110
  • Availability: Out of stock
  • 248.02kr (SEK)

  • Ex Tax: 198.41kr (SEK)

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