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Veritas® Small-Blade Holder

  Veritas® Small-Blade Holder - Woodworking

Because of the difficulty holding short blades such as those found in most spokeshaves, instrument maker's planes, etc., sharpening them has been difficult.

The Veritas small-blade holder solves this effectively and safely by securing the blade using two powerful rare-earth magnets embedded into anodized aluminum and an adjustable stop block. In effect, it transforms your short blade into something larger (1-1/2" wide by 4" long) that can be effectively held for sharpening, either by hand or by mounting in a honing guide.










Veritas® Small-Blade Holder

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The Veritas® Small-Blade Holder allows you to effectively and safely sharpen small blades, such as those found on most spokeshaves (including the Veritas® Low-Angle Spokeshave, 05P32.01), instrument maker's planes, etc. The blade is securely held in place by two powerful rare-earth magnets and an adjustable stop block. The Veritas® Small-Blade Holder transforms your small blade into a much larger one so it can now be adequately held for sharpening, either by hand or by mounting in a honing guide. The included spacer and long machine screw allow it to be used with the Veritas® Angle Jig (part of the Veritas® Sharpening System, 05M02.10).


Position your blade on the holder as shown below, with the bevel down and the cutting edge projecting approximately 1/8". Loosen the screw securing the stop block. Slide the stop block forward until it contacts the back edge of the blade and tighten the screw. For blades that are greater than 1" in length, move the stop block back as far as it will go and tighten the screw, allowing the blade to project out farther than 1/8". Maximum blade length that can be securely held is 2". Anything longer can be sharpened on its own without the holder. Subsequent sharpening of the same blade will not require this set-up; just locate the blade on the holder and slide it back until it makes contact with the stop block.


When in the small-blade holder, the blade can be held either by hand or in a guide for sharpening. To use a honing guide, simply clamp the body of the small-blade holder in the guide as if it were a large blade.

Note: When sharpening standard spokeshave blades, due to the curved back edge of the blade, the existing cutting edge will follow the stone and you will not be able to correct an out-of-square bevel should this condition exist.

Veritas® Sharpening System

The long machine screw and spacer provided allow the small-blade holder to be used with the Veritas® Sharpening System. (Because of their length, standard spokeshave blades will not require the use of these parts.) Simply remove the knurled brass knob that clamps the pentagon wheel to the angle jig. Position the spacer between the angle jig base and the pentagon wheel and secure in place with the long machine screw. This arrangement will lift the pentagon wheel off the base to accommodate the thickness of the small-blade holder body so that the sharpening angle can be accurately set.



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Veritas® Small-Blade Holder

  • Brand: Veritas tools
  • Product Code: 05P32.03
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  • 190.00kr (SEK)

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