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Wood & Multi-Purpose Plain End Scroll Saw Blades

Wood & Multi-Purpose Plain End Scroll Saw Blades

Wood & Multi-Purpose
​Plain End Scroll Saw Blades

Manufactured in Switzerland from the best available carbon steel, Pegas® blades are heat treated after machining; the only method that guarantees toughness and optimum flexibility. Scroll saw does really perform with Pegas®.
Swiss made in our manufacturing plant of Vallorbe, we provide the highest quality saw blades. So far, never equaled:

SUPER SKIP  (5''/130mm)

Use the new Pegas® Super-Skip saw blade to achieve a smooth finish from an aggressive blade. Specially designed for hard and medium hardwoods. Super-Skip also works perfectly on Acrylic at a reduced speed. The spaces between the teeth of the Super-Skip blade are wider than the normal skip-tooth configuration. This enables the blade to cut very quickly, leaving a smooth finish. The surface sawdust is whisked away and the edge remains clean.

SUPER HOOK  (5''/130mm)

The new Pegas® Super-Hook blade was developed for efficient cutting of thick hardwoods. It easily cuts up to 3" Beachwood. The Super-Hook is the equivalent to a miniature band saw.

SKIP  (5''/130mm)

Universal Scroll saw blade is very efficient for Hard and Medium-Hard woods. The wide range of Skip allows the cutting of intricate patterns as well as rough-cut work. It will accept a fast feed rate and will leave a smooth finish.

SKIP REVERSE  (5''/130mm)

Skip Reverse has same tooth geometry as Skip but with an addition of reverse teeth at the bottom of the blade. Reverse blades prevent splinters on the underside of the work piece. Excellent blade for softer woods.

DOUBLE SKIP  (5''/130mm)

This tooth arrangement offers efficient chip removal and, therefore, prevents wood from burning. A fast blade that leaves a smooth finish. Excellent for soft woods.

DOUBLE REVERSE  (5''/130mm)

Same as Double Skip, but reverse for a splinter-free finish on the underside of the piece. Efficient blade for many woods where overheating is to be avoided.

MGT  (5''/130mm)

MGT (Modified Geometry Teeth) is probably the best blade on the market. The specific tooth design makes this blade extremely efficient and tolerates agressive feed rates, avoids overheating, leaves a smooth finish, and no splinters.

SPIRAL  (5''/130mm)