• Standard Shoulder Vise Kit

Wood Shoulder Vise Screw - Standard Kit

this kit includes:

-One hard maple wood wagon vise screw Total Length approx: 14" Hub approx.size: 3-1/2" diameter x 4" long Threaded section approx.size: 2-1/2" diameter x 9" long Allows for approximately 6" of travel for the vise capacity

-One hard maple wood nut (Option for Extended or Standard Type Nut) Extended Nut Option - Eliminates need to build up Shoulder Vise Arm prior to installation Counterbored outside face of tapped hole so the vise can screw in closer to bench top Approx.size 2-3/4" thick x 4" wide x 28" long Standard Nut Option - Requires build up of Shoulder Vise Arm prior to installation Approx.size: 2-3/4" thick x 4" wide x 9" long

-One Brass Connector Plate with steel screw kit Brass Plate includes your choice of either our aged "Vintage Finish" or our "Brushed Finish"

-One Shoulder Bolt and Anchor Also includes a slotted shim for proper bench anchor installation

-One hard maple handle

Standard Shoulder Vise Kit

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  • Ex Tax: 2,334.00kr (SEK)

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