These dogs let you take advantage of the precise grid layout of the Festool MFT/3 table top for fast and repeatable work positioning, and are particularly useful for accurately aligning work in relation to the guide rail for 90° or 45° cuts. 

CNC machined from aluminum, they have a flat face for work registration and a rim that supports and stabilizes them on the bench surface. Available in two sizes, a small dog with a 13/16" wide and 1/2" tall face and a large dog with a 1-1/16" wide and 11/16" tall face to provide extra support to thick stock. 

Their 0.780" (19.81mm) root diameter is designed to fit 20mm dog holes with slight variation due to swelling or wood movement. The posts resist horizontal force well, and are threaded internally so they can be held in place with a clamping knob for added security. Either standard knobs made by Festool (not included) or our inexpensive star-shaped knobs (sold separately) can be used. 

Sold in pairs of small or large dogs.

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Large Surface Dogs, pair

  • Tillverkare: Veritas tools
  • Artikelnummer: 05G49.06
  • Tillgänglighet: Tillfalligt slut
  • 190.06kr

  • Exkl moms: 152.05kr

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Taggar: Large Surface Dogs, pair, 05G49.06, MFT-tillbehör