• Parf Super Dog

CNC machined from 303 stainless steel, UJK Technology Parf Super Dogs precisely match the holes made by the UJK Technology 20mm cutter. They fit with exacting precision into the 20mm holes of the UJK Technology Multifunction Workbench. They are compatible with the Festool MFT/3 tabletop and other grid tables with 20mm holes.

Tall dogs, no matter how tight the tolerances in the dog hole, will always have a little movement. There has to be a slight tolerance, however, without a locking device, this will inevitably result in a slight wobble and a possible loss of accuracy. The taller the dog, the more pronounced the movement. In order to overcome this, the original Parf dogs clamp to your table using a threaded knob, this assumes you have easy access to the underside of your table.

Enter the UJK Parf Super Dog, precisely manufactured to an exceptionally fine tolerance. A simple twist of the top of the dog changes fine tolerance into zero tolerance and locks it firmly in place. Once locked, there is no wobble or movement, the Parf Super Dog fit is rock solid. A simple twist of the top in the opposite direction releases the dog.

The Parf Super Dog is 90mm long and comes with three interchangeable collars. A 25mm diameter, 10mm tall mid-bush register exactly mimics the original Parf Dog, providing 60mm projection in total. A 20mm diameter plain collar allows a completely flush fit. When used in pairs the super precision fit of the dog is perfect for fixing other items or jigs with corresponding 20mm holes.

Finally, a stop collar fits into the chamfer around the dog hole found as standard on the UJK Technology worktop (102537). It provides a register ensuring the dog sits exactly at 90° to the work surface when locked in place, whilst still allowing for a flush fit. A UJK Technology chamfer cutter (104464) is available for other non chamfered tables, or you can use a router with a bevel cutter to create a slight chamfer. If the dog holes do not have a chamfer, you can use Parf Super Dog with this collar inverted.

You can also insert the Parf Super Dog from beneath the table and lock it for use as a low profile dog. Supplied with two spare O rings.

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Parf Super Dog

  • Tillverkare: UJK Technology
  • Artikelnummer: 104302
  • Tillgänglighet: Tillfalligt slut
  • 291.25kr

  • Exkl moms: 233.00kr

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