Skränktång för sågar med 4 - 8 TPI

används för att skränka en handsåg efter att sågen filats och skärpts.

SOMAX’s saw set is geared to British measurements. In contrast to the European continent, where the width of the teeth is given in mm, the designation is TPI (=teeth per inch - the number of teeth per inch). Here is a small table of equivalences:

TPI (teeth per inch

TPI (teeth per inch20121087654
Teeth ratio in mm1.

You unscrew the knurled knob and turn the scaled ring (which is the anvil onto which the teeth are pressed) until the desired pitch appears as a TPI figure, visible from above through the magnifying glass (if you have the saw set with the glass).

Thus if your offset saw has teeth 3 mm wide, you set the ring at "8" because 8 teeth per inch is equivalent to 3 mm wide teeth. Accuracy to decimal fractions is not necessary. If you want less offset, you can also set the ring to 10 in the example we have taken, or if you want more, to 7.

Now place the saw set on the teeth at one end of the blade in such a way that the stamps points to the first tooth, and press the grip together.By being pressed against the anvil by the plunger, the tooth is set. Do this to every second tooth the length of the blade, then turn the blade round and give the remaining teeth the same treatment in the opposite direction.It is on you whether you prefer a saw set with magnifying glasses or not.

SOMAX Saw Set with the 2.2 mm plunger will cope with teeth between 3 and 7 mm (8 - 4 TPI) in width, the one with the 1.4 mm plunger between 1.5 and 5 mm (16 - 5 TPI).

The scaled ring (anvil) on the small pliers only goes up to 12 tpi, and not 16, as one might expect. But don’t worry about it, the small pliers are the ones to use.

Do not press the plunger against the scaled ring without having a saw inside. The hardened plunger can make ugly notches into the ring. This does not affect the functionality as long as not the whole surface is damaged. Use only light pressure when setting the teeth!

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Skränktång för sågar med 4 - 8 TPI

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