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In an ideal world, every joint would fit perfectly the first time, and there’d be little use for a plane like this. However, in the real world, a side rabbet plane helps you make the “saves” we all have to make once in a while. It is used for cleaning up or trimming sidewalls of rabbets, dadoes or grooves to yield a perfect fit with its mate. 

It has a practical dual-blade configuration, coupled with an ingenious pivoting handle that permits right- or left-hand use to accommodate grain direction. The thin sole functions much like a skate, allowing use in slots as narrow as 3/16" and to a depth of 1/2". The toe is removable for use in stopped dadoes and has a fixing screw that is trapped to prevent loss. The depth stop helps orient and stabilize the plane during use and is both height adjustable and reversible (simply loosen the screw and rotate the stop without removing it from the body). 

Sculpted to fit the hand comfortably, the handle has a springloaded pivot for sure positioning – it won’t move accidentally in use. The accurately machined, 4-1/2" long ductile cast iron plane body and the two O1 tool steel blades (Rc58-60) are lapped. Optional PM-V11® steel blades are available. Pressure on the blade cap from a wave washer keeps the blades steady during set-up. Weighs 1 lb. 

Made in Canada. Patented.

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Veritas® Side Rabbet Plane

  • Tillverkare: Veritas tools
  • Artikelnummer: 05P44.01
  • Tillgänglighet: I lager
  • 1 449.15kr (SEK)

  • Exkl moms: 1 159.32kr (SEK)

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